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Allows to markup trial accessibility within XAML
Allows to save you data to isolated storage with one line of code
Helps to generate images for tiles, to give your app an amazing live tile experience


Controls that represent some html content:



Our toolkit has a lot of single byte encodings missing in wp7 sdk.
We provide:
  • windows1250 — Central and East European Latin
  • windows1251 — Cyrillic
  • windows1252 — West European Latin
  • windows1253 — Greek
  • windows1254 — Turkish
  • windows1255 — Hebrew
  • windows1256 — Arabic
  • windows1257 — Baltic
  • windows1258 — Vietnamese
  • windows874 — Thai

Basic sample:

// ...

var reader = new StreamReader(stream, new Windows1251Encoding());
var responce = reader.ReadToEnd();


Autodiscovery sample:

All encoding classes from MSPToolkit and your application assemblies will be loaded automatically by BaseSingleByteEncoding class.

// ...

var encoding = BaseSingleByteEncoding.GetEncoding(1251);
byte[] bytes = encoding.GetBytes("Hello world, привет мир!");

// ...

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